About Antiques by Anna


Welcome to Antiques by Anna!

My name is Anna and I am a vintage dealer. Being a vintage dealer I believe that every woman is beautiful and elegant and deserves unique jewelry that will make her personality shine and stand out. My job is to navigate you through the world of fashion and couture and help you find a very  special vintage piece that  talks directly to you. All the pieces that I offer are carefully selected and are available online at my store antiquesbyanna.com with the shipping to any part of the world ❤️


I became a vintage dealer because of my love of fashion and my passion for jewelry and antiques. It is unbelievable what gems you can find at vintage fairs and fashion galleries. Only genuine pieces become a part of my collection and can be proudly displayed at any museum. In fact, one of my greatest ambitions is to open the museum of vintage jewelry and share its striking beauty with the world. 

My fascination with jewelry started when we moved to Japan. I was impressed by their culture and sense of style and fashion. But I was completely blown away when we visited the United States and I saw the possibilities of American antique market . Now I live in Austin, Texas  and keep traveling to different parts of the USA to explore the diversity of the vintage jewelry and fashion trends. 

I started the Instagram account and have more than 14000 followers who share my commitment to fashion, style and uniqueness of vintage jewelry. I can’t thank enough each of my customers for the inspiration and  support you give me  for more than three years. And I am beyond excitement to welcome all of you to be a part of my journey.  If you have any questions or are willing to discuss our cooperation, please feel free to email me at antiquesbyanna@gmail.com 

We all deserve to be beautiful inside and out and it is amazing what a great  jewelry piece can do! So let’s find one for you or for someone you love. We all know that there is no such thing as too much jewelry 

Sincerely ,